3 hottest crane game machine

crane game machine

Today, walking into those indoor amusement centers, you can see all kinds of crane game machines there. Usually, this kind of machine can help you check out whether you have a strong capability in observation and reaction. The most common crane game machines have a handle that can be used to control the move of a claw or a scissor. Most of the time, girls more like to play this kind of game machine than boys. I guess that it failed to attract boys probably because it cannot engage in any kinds of wild movements that boys loved. Regardless of this unbalance, those crane game machine can indeed bring lots of fun to a group of people. So, it is a value thing to get more into your game center. Next, I will give you a brief introduction to 3 hottest types of crane game machine.

Crazy Scissors Crane Game Vending Machine


Usually, most of this kind of crane game machine are coin-operated. The Crazy Scissors has joystick that is designed for you to operate to move inner scissors. Actually, this kind of machine always has generous and deluxe looking so that it can easily catch those eyes sanning through the game centers. The most important part about it will be its high accuracy and stability, which enables an easy taking-care.

How to play

Use coin to start the machine, then, you can pull joystick built in the panel to give a synchronized move to inner scissors. When scissors stay in moving, you just need to adjust it to a right position to cut off the loop that is tied to the gift. If you successfully made it, then, you will receive the very gift as a reward.

Crane Grabber Machine

Most people say it is adorable not only due to its pink appearance, but also due to its contained adorable dolls. That’s it! But we also have other kind of colors accessible for different parks. Three-side windows are made of tempered glass so that it will not be smashed easily.

How to play

 After you start the machine with coins, you need to operate joystick built in its panel to control inner claw that can only move in a straight line. Move claw to the top of a designated doll and press down the button to catch it up. If you did it, the claw will bring the doll to you as a bonus.

1 Player Toy Catcher Machine


Because of the adjustable inner control system, the chance of success can be changed to different one. This kind of catcher machine is made of high-quality materials, so, it just needs a very low maintenance. What’s more, those gifted toys or dolls can be changed to your asked ones.

How to play

The rule is very simple. It will just require a good observation and judgement to help you catch the exact doll you want. The out-built joystick is all what you can use to control inner claw.

Cane game machine is always combined with adorable gifts so that players will never get bored. Every time you make a success, you will get a different toy or doll as a reward. To add more into this kind of machine, owners can regularly replace those toys inside the machine.

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