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Fast grasp with our elite Hollywood money machine cash cube

money machine

The money machine, also known as money booth, cash cube, and cash booth, actually represents for a kind of arcade game. Usually, it can be seen most often in the Grand Opening, Bars, Nightclubs, Casino, Riverboat Promotions, or amusement centers. The money machine is built in the form of a phone booth, inside which paper money, tickets, coupons, or gift certificates are blown to the player by the air. What the player has to do at that time is to grab as many banknotes as he or she can so that the player can get a bigger bonus. It is in 1996 where Lee Roberts of LR money machine created the original portable money machine. From that time, the money machine begin to work for those who are looking for some fun in the arcade playground center.

About the elite Hollywood money machine cash tube

The elite Hollywood money machine cash tube is one of our newest kind of money booth in our product history. This machine has a small compact tabletop money blower that can blow out paper money smoothly. The whole design is still in the form of a phone booth but it has put on some hot elements on its sides. For example, it has a sleek, brushed metallic finish that make it look more elegant. The elite money booth can be set anywhere without any worry about where your place is. You can settle it up in the casino, promotional events, business trade show promotions, amusement parks, entertainment centers, and many other recreational places. Except for its discrimination for locations, it still has a high mobility, which enables you to move it to anywhere at any time as long as you want to.

About its attractive features

  • LED lights: We have employed multi-functional lights system in the machine. So, it can show you all kinds of flashing lights when you are busy in catching those flying banknotes. The colorful lights will surely make you a more dynamic ambiance and give you power.
  • Powder coat steel frame: The whole structure is made of steel so that it can hold on even if you are doing some wild movements in it. Also, sides of the powder coat steel frame have neat finish so that it looks very fashion.
  • Industrial grade blower: The blower used for blowing out banknotes is made of supreme material and processed by high-tech methods. So, it can meet your requirements for an increased power.
  • Deluxe carpeted interior: The inner floor of the money booth is made of soft and anti-bacterial material, so it is considered to be extremely safe when you are standing on it.

If you are going to try this kind of money machine, our elite Hollywood money machine cash tube is believed to be able to help you gain more fun and exciting experiences. For those park owners who are running an amusement park, this machine is also a good choice to help them retain their customers.

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