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Flick over characters to the darkened sun in Black Out Prize Merchandiser Touchscreen Game

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The Black Out is a really a skill-based arcade games that bridge the gap between prize redemption play and video arcade game entertainment in a “industry-first” game product. It is a new breed of prize merchandiser arcade games with innovative geniuses at adrenaline amusements. Due to its simple settings, this amusement arcade game machine is considered as a simple gameplay that is suitable for people of all ages. Among all the prize redemption game machine, the Black Out can offer a unique video arcade game that can test your gameplay skills. At the same time, while you are moving the on-screen characters, you will gain lots of fun too. Still, if you go to the park with your friends, you can start a competition to see who will get better performance.

The Black Out Prize Merchandiser Touchscreen Game machine

The Black Out is completely painted with white color, so, it looks very simple and unique as well. There are all kinds of creature patterns painted on the basis of the machine that add many cute elements to its simple style. Above the basis, there is a rectangular touchscreen settled in front of the machine working as the playfield. Besides the touch screen, there are two showcases settled at either side of the upper part. Looking through the glass window, you can see all kinds of dolls lying inside the cabinet, which will be sent to you as a gift if you finished the asked mission. On the top of the machine, there is a cartoon marquee that presents to the player various adorable creatures and machine name as well. Actually, we can customize the showing contents on the sign according to your actual needs. For instance, you can use the marquee to show people with your park logos so that you will be able to help people remember your park name. With integrated cutting-edge transparent screen technology, you will feel like you are moving characters on a window rather than an electrical screen. The Black Out cabinet has an optimal footprint, which is powerful tool that can be used to help the operator to show their very own mix of major prizes or twelve minors. When it gets through with electricity, the touchscreen will begin to show you all kinds of characters that will make you feel dizzy. At the same time, there is a darkened sun in the center of the touchscreen working as a target area. Players need to use their fingers to flick over the on-screen characters at the darkened sun. If you successfully cover one hundred percent of the sun’s surface with the given characters, you will be able to win lots of prizes. How big the prize will be all depends on your performance. Try to flick over skillfully so that you can achieve a high score to get more bonuses.

This video arcade game will test whether you can take a good control of your fingers flicking over the characters to the target area. Our Black Out Prize Merchandiser Touchscreen Game machine has become very popular among those indoor play parks or shopping centers.

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