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Look at the Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas at the Gardner School

Indoor and Outdoor Play Areas at the Gardner School

As an academically centered kindergarten, we know clearly that a healthy balance between learning and entertainment is necessary, both outdoors and indoors. In fact, some of the best learning chances for children can happen when they play. This is one of the important reasons why every school is built for the sake of your children. After planning, our teachers ensure that each student has two healthy exercise games a day.

From safety to student satisfaction, Gardner’s indoor and outdoor game areas differ from other preschool schools in that there are many factors.

Outdoor Play Areas

Gardner School’s outdoor game areas are properly gated and fenced, and the outdoor playground devices are designed to accommodate children of all ages while ensuring its safety. Our school outdoor game area is spacious, beautiful and equipped with interesting and up-to-date features.

Students at our city school in Chicago like to go for a walk in the local park twice a day if weather permits, wearing yellow vests for safety and easy identification, and even risk taking a walk in the community if time permits. During Camp Gardner, the ten-week summer camp program, our outdoor areas are necessary for many project activities, including inflatable toys, water games and the reception of special speakers and guests.

Indoor Play Areas

The indoor game area at Gardner School is a favorite place for parents. In the whole year, children can stay warm on extremely cold days and keep cool during hot summer days, and stay dry on rainy or bad weather days. Our indoor game area is full of age-appropriate, safe entertainment equipment and toys, providing students with a wide range of sports opportunities and open space for them to interact with their friends and move.

Our indoor playground areas have set up large sliding doors to outdoor game areas, which also provide a good opportunity for preschool children to warm up or cool down in mild weather. In some of our schools, some rich programs such as football, karate, basketball and dance, children can practice them in indoor sports areas.

Security and Safety

A crucial factor for parents who are looking for the ideal preschool environment for their children is the security and safety function of the school. Not only children need to feel safe when they are at school, but parents need to be reassured to know that their children are well supervised, with have well-trained childcare teachers and live in a safe and well-maintained environment. Especially in our indoor and outdoor game areas, Gardner School always makes additional efforts to ensure their children are always safe in order to reassure parents.

Our schools are trying to improve the environment in different ways, constantly updating equipment, constantly maintaining equipment safety and carefully monitoring children, which is what the school promises to do. In addition, we hope the efforts of our school can reassure parents that your children will grow up healthily in our school and have an unforgettable childhood.

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