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There are Three Things You Need to Know About Virtual Reality Cinema in Toronto

Virtual Reality Cinema

This is the First Virtual Reality Cinema in North America.

Toronto is a famous movie town. Known as North Hollywood, Toronto is not only the main destination for international co-production shooting. However, it is worth noting that here, filmmakers will be the first time to show their films to the audience. such as the Toronto International Film Festival and the Canadian International documentary Film Festival.

Sometimes the fate of a film is in the hands of the audiences there. They are praised or criticized in Toronto, it may mean yes or no for distributors. To some extent, Toronto has set a standard for visual content. Now, we first introduce virtual reality technology to the North American audience, thus extending its dominance.

It is Expensive

In order to enjoy a 30-minute cinema experience, the ticket price is $20. There’s not much difference from buying an adult ticket to buying an “ordinary” movie. But even so, you spend more money on fewer movies. So, when you can have an Oculus or Vive, it may not be worth going to the cinema. By having a headset, you can choose what you want to see and watch it in your comfortable home.

If you can use your smartphone, you already have access to 360 content which is compatible with the headsets. 360 there is an endless stream of new content that will improve significantly only in the foreseeable future; we are talking about television shows, short films and games machine. Of course, the price of headset varies in quality, weight and price. They have also introduced the best smartphone headsets for VR applications for iOs and Android devices.

No One Has Yet Made a Full Virtual Reality Movie

You can look forward to about 30 minutes of entertainment at the Toronto Virtual reality Cinema. The 30 minutes were divided into three 5-10-minute movies. which seems to be the case for the whole virtual reality movie. Why is it so short?  There are two reasons.

First of all, virtual reality allows people to enter the world of filmmakers in person, allowing the audience to choose the place and time they want to go in the experience. The director must take into account the independent experience of the audience in telling stories and shooting. The Place like Canadian film center, are training a new generation of filmmakers who specialize in learning the new language of virtual reality narration.

Secondly, our physiology is an obstacle to long-term experience. As things stand, you may have a dizzy experience. This means that your brain and eyes signals are out of sync, causing disorientation, sweating, vomiting, fatigue and nausea. If this happens to you, remembering you’re not alone, and if you can’t go on, you can get your money back.

Through this article, I believe you have a certain understanding of virtual reality cinema in Toronto, and I hope this article can be helpful to you.

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