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Tips for cutting indoor playground expenses

cutting indoor playground expenses

Maybe you have ever visited many projects and programs, but you can’t decide what playground equipment you should purchase because you worry that the price is too expensive. You can’t decide what your budget is. We are professional in helping you plan to purchase the suitable playground facility for your park services, academy, child development center, daycare and school that meets your functionality and design requirements.

Firstly, what playground equipment is suitable for you?

we have professional experience in offer consultation to our customers. We will figure out what playground equipment suits you. You may don’t know that you should choose different materials and styles, designs for different age group kids. Otherwise, you will have to change your plan again and again, which will waste your time and energy, even money. And if you can’t offer suitable playground equipment for different kids, maybe you will suffer from money loss. For example, play-sets and playground equipment for 5 to 12 years old are different from those designed for 2 to 5 years old; and structures designed for public parks, where people maybe frequently use the materials such as wood, metal or plastic.

As boys and girls have different preferences. So people should decide how many musical chimes that are installed, verses John Deer tractor type structures, the merry go cycle, or the flower planter. We will give you an estimated budget for the redevelopment or development of your playground if playtime will be installing the commercial playground, including the site has not been decided yet. Ground-level requirements for swings and slides, like the 4 seat spyder ryders or monster trucks will be various than that for the 4 deck system structure.

Secondly, you don’t need to install them by yourself, as our friendly staff will help you.

We have already mentioned that we can install them for you as well. You don’t need to worry about the trouble some work, freeing you up of any allotted time for sourcing of outside help to install or installation. Your playground will be set up and got ready for playground fun immediately by our skillful and professional staff.

Our products are all quality playground equipment. But our price is very competitive because of the lower labor cost and more competitive raw materials. If you prefer to touch and feel the products before making a purchase, then our experienced salesman can help you make that decision as they sell playground equipment to child development centers and day cares across the country. Besides, our salesman can even install your structures, from 6 seat swing sets, spin fun to metal trains.

Thirdly, you can finance a playground.

Of course, it is totally different for people to purchase playground equipment as it is more expensive. The playground will be more expensive as the sturdy material will last a very long time, which means you can’t change it as you like. So we offer financing (low interest loan) to the businessman. We finance all child development centers, daycares, schools, private backyards, churches and so on. If you cannot afford it, then a small loan to finance the playground will be a good choice for you.  

For more information about cutting expenses, please contact us now.

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